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The term veneer means a thin cover of precious wood, which is glued on solid wood or on another material of inferior quality. This process enhances the surface of furniture, doors, music instruments or the dashboards of noble cars. For flooring, thick veneers are used. Wood veneer sheets can also be used creatively for all kinds of crafts.

By the natural growth of the annual rings, its grain and colour, each veneer becomes a precious unique specimen. The colour of real wood veneer varies from light birch to reddish, lively cherry, dark coloured walnut to nearly black wengé. The grain can vary a lot. The wood pattern reveals interesting cross bars, figures, eye forms or fascinating pictures consisting of rings, clear or dark lines and even pyramidal shaped forms.

Walnut veneer

As veneer is decisive for the appearance of a piece of furniture, the quality must be very high. Only selected trees meet the top quality needed for veneer production. These rare logs must be very straight, with no branch holes and a beautiful overall appearance. The production of good veneer takes a lot of effort and know-how. After cooking the logs, the wood is cut or peeled to leaves in a thickness between 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm; the standard thickness being 0.6 mm. When slicing, the sheets are cut leaf by leaf from the log. When peeling (rotary cutting), the log is rotating (see photo). Rarely, veneers are also sawn. After cutting or peeling, the veneer sheets are dried, parallel lined and mostly bundled to stacks of 24 or 32 sheets.

Slicing Peeling Sawing

When slicing, an equal grain pattern develops over many veneer sheets, whereas peeled veneer shows a rather irregular structure.

Sliced Bubinga

Peeled Bubinga

As some thousands of square meters veneer can be produced out of one single log, veneers make it possible to use the precious woods in an ecological sensible way, but also to give furniture a beautiful, natural and individual look -– a luxury everyone can enjoy.


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